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Who doesn’t love a good book? Cozying up on a cool night with a hot drink and good story? Smelling the paper as you turn a page? Finding yourself swept away from reality and carried to another time and place for a while? I know I do. I LOVE books for all the reasons above and more. You can imagine how excited I was when told that creating a small library for The Marie would be a part of my responsibilities as innkeeper. Really?! Elation! *happy dance*

I decided to go in two directions with my search.

Frist, antique books. Setting up a good collection of older books from the late 1800’s through the early 1900’s became key. Having books that came from the same era as the main house just felt like a good idea.

Antique Books | Marie B&B

Second, newer books. Books that people who came to the bed and breakfast would actually want to read. Limiting the selection to only books from 110+ years ago didn’t seem like it would appeal to a wide range of guests. We needed some page turners.

Antique Books | Marie B&B

A good middle ground for both qualifications became this general rule: hardbacks. The turn of the century covers were all hardbound. Some of them with detailed spines, gold edged pages and intricate covers. Newer hardbacks are less ornate, but they are abundant at thrift stores; and once you take off their jackets a rainbow of solid colored covers are revealed. I pulled in beautiful old romance, mystery and literature collections from the turn of the century; and dozens of other genres such as newer memoirs, crime novels, historical fiction and even comedies from the past few decades.

Arranging them to be aesthetically pleasing was another joy of the job. Books became a decorating theme and ended up in the sitting room and in every bedroom of The Marie bringing warmth, coziness and a sense of “home” to each space.

Maybe I am partial because of my influence, but I believe The Marie is an amazing place to curl up and read. If you’re like me, a perfect autumn or winter night away would include a comfortable bed, a deep tub and a good book. We have all that here… and you don’t have to make breakfast in the morning. Who’s ready for a reader’s retreat?

– Jacci “Bibliophile” Butler

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