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Antique Books vs. New Books

Who doesn’t love a good book? Cozying up on a cool night with a hot drink and good story? Smelling the paper as you turn a page? Finding yourself swept away from reality and carried to another time and place for a while? I know I do. I LOVE books for all the reasons above and more. You can imagine how excited I was when told that creating a small library for The Marie would be a part of my … Read More

The Marie’s Transformation

What is it about an old house that makes people want to stop and look around? To be let inside so they can meander and peek? Being a host at last month’s open house at The Marie Bed and Breakfast gave me some good ideas. Style, craftsmanship and history definitely play a part. People want to see how a house is furnished and dressed. What colors and patterns adorn it. They also want to see what old artisan touches still … Read More

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